Friday, July 16, 2010

Lincoln City 2010

I will not give up!!! It has been a rough summer for my dream to be a real blogger but I have not waived the white flag just yet. In fact I am going to make up for it with more pictures than anyone really wants to look at.

We took a fabulous vacation to Lincoln City, OR in mid August with the Mock's and the Hovis'. Since it took me the better part of a month to get these pictures up (this is a tiny fraction of a very overwhelming number of pictures), I have decided to let them speak, for the most part, for themselves.

Isabelle and Claire are 5 and 3. They did amazing with their baby cousin, Baby Josiah and are very excited to be big sisters to their brother in October!

This was the first trip we'd every made a fire on the beach! It was a hit! Doesn't get much better than hot dogs and smores!

Lincoln City is always overcast and freezing but we had some great weather a few days. We spent one of them at the dunes at Pacific City. What a beautiful place! I miss OR.

We have far too few opportunities to get these kids together! I am so thankful for each moment we got to soak up together.

We actually spent the first two days of our trip in Portland and got to see some friends from when we lived there. It was a great time but I have yet to convince my husband to email me the pictures he took on his cell phone. Sorry to those of you who know you saw us and are now feeling soarly under-represented!
We are now back safely in AZ, gearing up for fall and all that that brings. My hope is to keep posting so I can brag about my runner, who continues to amaze me everyday with the things he has learned and the goof-ball things he does (or that I find myself doing!).

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Things were a little different today.

Usually I have to be kind of clean, but today I got to eat my yogart all by myself.

It was a good way to start my special day.

Then I took a bath.

Then some of my friends came to play.

This is Maggie.
She's nice.

I can't think of anything funner than playing in the water.

Then I got a jungle cake.

I have never had so much sugar in my whole life.

I wanted to touch the candle but mom woudn't let me.

I wasn't quite sure what to do, but I didn't let that stop me for long.


oh, yummm.

ooooooh, yummmmm.

Then I took another bath.

Then I played for awhile with my new toys...

while they put my car together.

while I waited I practiced my driving skills because owning a car is a big responsibility.

It was a great day.