Tuesday, December 23, 2008

From the beginning...

Here's how our wonderful story begins: We've been trying to have a baby for a couple of years; but month after month, no pregnancy. We spoke with doctors, got poked and prodded, timed, counted, scheduled, etc. Then we counted some more, checked our calendar, used ovulation kits, took pregnancy tests...and time after time were met with disappointment.

In June, a friend (who is also trying to have a baby) and I decided it was time to enlist the help of our Lord...not that I hadn't been praying my socks off already; but we decided to step it up a notch by praying and fasting together for six months while expecting God to perform a miracle in our bodies. We gave up the pregnancy no-no's (including our beloved coffee) and got on our knees. We prayed with expectation for months hoping that God would answer our prayers by December 2008 (since we were firmly committed to drinking a glass of wine and cup of coffee at the same time if we were not pregnant by Jan. 1). Caleb and I had wonderfully relaxing vacations to Portland and Hawaii in August and October...but no pregnancy.

As Thanksgiving approached, I started a new fertility drug and continued to pray. We drove to Newport with some friends and spent the four-day holiday on a 32-foot sailboat with eight on board. Yes, we all slept on-board and shared one motor home-style bathroom. Even more than praying for pregnancy on that trip, I prayed that my dreaded period would not start while we were on that boat. Strangely, it didn't, but Caleb and I knew better than to hope upon hope that we were finally pregnant. We waited until we had been safely on land and back home for several days before braving the pregnancy test. Finally, on December 2, I mustered my courage once again. I had gotten used to waiting patiently for disappointment, but have learned (again) that all things are possible with Christ! We were pregnant, and decidedly so! We hugged, we cried, we laughed, we freaked out, we called everyone we knew....and so on. Then I pulled out my trusty pregnancy wheel and calculated my due date as August 4! What a great day! Our God is so faithful (and the fertility drugs are alright, too)!

So, I am, at the start of this blog, 8 weeks pregnant. We've already had two ultrasounds; (probably because I am irrationally nervous and fairly persuasive). And we are completely overjoyed! We have started the daunting task of purging our tiny 1100 sf home so that we can squeeze in a nursery (decorated in blue if my husband's and father's dreams come true). We have also run up a huge phone bill connecting with everyone we know to share our good tidings! We are loving every minute of this baby thing (since we don't have a baby yet and I have yet to experience anything really even approaching morning sickness). Life is good.

I hope to update this blog with pictures weekly for all who live too far away for me to request that you rub my tummy every day! So far, we have a "fuzzy jelly-bean" like ultrasound photo which we've decided bear a striking resemblance to Caleb! Sorry Caleb.

Enjoy the blog!