Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm busy...

...but not too busy for a few pictures. We had Si's 9 month check up the middle of this month. He is doing just perfect! He is 18.5 lbs and 27 inches long. Around 25 percentile. I will post something more interesting this weekend. Caleb says he's been on video duty so stay tuned...

We had a picnic in the back yard the other day. A perfect location for a naked baby and teething biscuits.

Okay, this hat does come off a little girly in photos, but I am convinced that it will be super adorable when it fits him. We are going to the OR coast in August so he'll need some shade for that fair skin.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


3 days shy of 9 months and Siah has his first tooth! We were beginning to think he would be just like his mom: no teeth on the first birthday. But now, after lots of drool, the pearly white on the bottom right has finally poked through! Yeah, Si!

THANKFULLY, he hasn't been too fussy so we are hopeful this teething experience will be smooth sailing.

Josiah was being hilarious today. We hung out in the backyard this evening after the gym and Si was so excited to chase Shep around the yard. By the way, Si has a favorite KidZone worker at the gym, her name is Hannah and we are always happy to see her there. Also, Hannah informed me today that Si is in love with a little girl there. She is about 4 I'd say. I guess it is safe to assume he likes daycare now....and we thought he cried because he missed us. Turns out he just needed to make some new friends!
Since I am off topic anyway, might as well brag that I have been to the gym at least 4 times a week recently. One of these days I will include pictures of how buff I am. (but don't hold your breath!)

Anyway, back to the back yard. I took some pictures of him "on the day he got a tooth" I think the fact that most of these are blurry as well as viewing the video below will make it obvious why I was unable to actually take a picture of his tooth. Maybe this is the time that the picture-taking slows down...won't be able to get him to sit still.

So no pictures of the teeth, but trust me; it is there.

This is the best video ever. I am starting to get an idea of the chaos soon to engulf the Fields house. Shep and Si were actually playing together; Shep trying to keep his toy away from Si. (At least I think he was playing!)

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Great Outdoors

Spring has definately sprung in AZ. And our little man has discovered the joys of grass, dirt, rocks and dog toys!

We have spent so much time outside lately and Josiah loves it. We have a neighbor (with two girls by the way) who assured us that all babies will stay on a blanket outside on the lawn because they hate the feeling of grass. We thought that sounded a little odd when he said it but since Si wasn't crawling yet we didn't have any evidence to the contrary. Let me asure you that the blanket would have to have walls and barbed wire to keep him off the grass. If Shep can be on the grass; Si can be on the grass. We have quite the explorer on our hands. It is no surprise really. The only surprise really, being a "nurture" minded person, is how close the apple really does fall from the tree! Caleb was ALWAYS into everything as a child....and as an adult. Little Fields appears to be quite inquisitive too...uh oh.

Si has been crawling really well for about a week now. It is so fun to get to see him get to where he wants to go. We can physically see now what he has been thinking he wished he had all this time. The knobs on the drawers of the entertainment center is apparently the big prize.

And our new-most-used phrase: No, Josiah, look at this!

On another note, that tree in the background, in the pot, is now enjoying some wiggle room in the ground after it failed to grow at all or yeild a single piece of fruit after three years. I guess "dwarf mandarin" doesn't mean it fits in a pot! Maybe next year we will actually get some fruit.

We went to the Tempe Art Festival last weekend for some people-watching and junk food-eating...and art.

(Notice Siah's rosy cheeks)

We weren't at the fair for more than 2 minutes before a woman (perfect stranger) looked at Si and then shot daggers at us and said (under her breath) "sunburn" like Caleb and I were the worst parents ever for having Si in the sun all day without sunscreen. Did I mention we had been there not more that 2 minutes at that point and had 50 proof slathered all over our poor son. You may know the kind of comment; she wanted us to hear her but didn't want it to be direct enough that we would call her on saying it. Well we did. Caleb gave her a piece of his mind and I'd say she will think twice before being passive agressive with perfect strangers again.

So here is the explanation for those of you who thought the same thing. Si has rug burn on his face because he still uses it to balance himself during his explorations. A perfectly good explanation if you ask me.

Speaking of exploration; here are a couple of videos of Siah escaping to the great outdoors.