Thursday, December 10, 2009

5 months!

Our beautiful baby boy is 5 months old today!

...and perfect in every way!
He sleeps wonderfully! We are talking 12 hours at night and a couple of naps during the day.
Caleb and I are so thankful! Now if we are exhausted in the morning we have only ourselves and Redbox to blame!
We have had lots of giggle fests lately! This is such a good natured, happy little man! We have so much fun rolling around on mom and dad's bed tickling each other! Si even (sort of) tickles back and he "honked" my nose the other day! What a smarty pants.

Also significate along side Si's incredible growth and development is the fact that it is WINTER in Arizona! That's right, we have lows of 35 and highs of 65 in the last couple of weeks! Bring on the sweaters!
Cold as it was, Caleb and I were not willing to pass up our first family trip to the zoo. Unfortunately our camera died shortly after we arrived, but at least we got one family photo with this hippo! All the desert-acclimated animals were hiding in their dens anyway because it was so cold (50)... that's right, the Fields are tougher than wild animals.
This is Josiah's "out for a walk when it's 35 degrees" duds. He actually does own a really cute coat but it was laundry day :).
He stayed nice and toasty in the pack with Dad...and with socks for mittens on his hands.

Si's fifth month is bound to be a good one! Already, he has eaten solids, sucked on his toes, gotten his first "injury" (he's fine!), gone to the zoo, and worn a sweater...and we have the whole month ahead of us! Next week we are headed to Washington for a whole new set of adventures! We can't wait for Josiah's first Christmas!